Leyla Hannbeck

Pharmacist, CEO of the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies

Leyla Hannbeck is the Chief Pharmacist and Director of Pharmacy at the National Pharmacy Association (NPA). Prior to joining the NPA Leyla worked in various management roles in community pharmacy and pharmacy advisory settings in the U.K. and Europe. Leyla reports directly to the NPA elected Board and is currently accountable for NPA’s pharmacy related content and services, including expert advisory and professional support services, training provision, and member relationship management and representation in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales and. She is also the Medication Safety Officer (MSO) for all independent pharmacies with less than 50 branches in England. As part of her role as MSO she receives reports related to patients safety incidents from across the sector and regularly shares learnings on patient safety matters with pharmacists and their teams. Leyla also represents the NPA and its members to national and international stakeholders.